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I've felt a strong pull recently towards in my opinion a purer form of Art: Process-Oriented Abstraction, Formal Metaphor Abstraction and 'Coming Into Being ' Abstraction. The school I leave is the Human Size Change School. This has lead me consider the artistic merits.

1) Size can be potent metaphor for mood. Large can represent feelings of insurmountable power, small the daily struggle to live under the dampener of depression or down-cycle states. It also can reveal the sensual quality of both, e.g. touching the sky or feeling each sensation intensely, even painfully.

2) Having protagonists at different sizes can mirror the subjective relativity of social relations.

3) New and unusual takes on our living environments can revealed establishing a critique of the spaces we live in - making think of Gaston Bachelard's La poétique de l'espace or the Poetry of Spaces

4) Interesting range of challenges for the artist - extreme foreshortening and perspective as well as key artistic challenges such as hands, feet, the whole human being nude and clothed, still lives, townscapes, landscapes, waterscapes, foreshortening, perspective, decoration.

5) All the above enable the artist to subvert comfortable conventional views of reality.
MorningDuskReservoir Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Size Change is also a concretely transmuteable expression ( Epigenetics, particularly the mind-body theory )
chesya Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2013
Yes, at its base there can be something deeply Lamarckian about size change: the strong will themselves gigantic while the submissive fall and fall into a vortex of shrinking. Perhaps there are epigenetic fields that render people at differential sizes depending on the unconscious currents of their epigenome. The influence of other static induced reactions cannot be ruled out.
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December 23, 2013