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The larger woman is a transsexual, simply because she evolved from a boy to a woman as I drew it - ironically, the original title was 'Manchild' an offshoot of the 'somewhere i have never traveled' seriesand part of a series thus. Now its been moved over to the 'beholder' series - a off-shoot of the 'Language of Love' series.
Kdollgirl777 Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2014
Another beautiful image, Alice! Like most of your art, I can sit here and look at it for a long time, because there is so much there to muse on and it speaks to both my mind and heart so powerfully. I love the warmth of the pastel colors you use, so vibrant and yet so peaceful to look at . The composition is also lovely, as are the proportions. It seems from the expression on the boy/girl's face that she is almost mesmerized by the little one in her hand. She is also quite beautiful. I especially love her green eyes. Another nice touch is the way the little woman's image is reflected in the eyes of the large woman. I believe if we could actually see her face, we would find no fear there. she stands in the huge hand so straight and tall (she even seems to be up on her tip-toes--ballet training?). I imagine from the curving of the fingers of the large woman that she might be going to wrap her fingers around the tiny body in her hand... I would so love to know the beginning of this story, and also what might happen next.

Thank you for sharing your gifts with us. :)
notmor Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
i love these hand drawn drawings of yours chesya there is something special about them Heart .
there is just something so heartwarming with seeing a gentle giantess carefully and gently examining her little woman pet in her hand  Love 
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June 6, 2014
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